TRO‐ORTHOSOFT is our new Orthopaedic Padding, which is intended for orthopaedic use as padding before limb orthopaedics or fixture of plaster of paris bandages or polyester orthopaedic bandages.


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Orthopaedic Padding
Product Sizes Sales Package
TRO-ORTHOSOFT, single use#    
also available in lengths of 3,7 m or 4,5 m 5,0 cm x 2,7m 12 pcs.
Made of 100% cotton or 70% cotton / 30% PE or 7,5 cm x 2,7m 12 pcs.
50% cotton / 50% PE 10cm x 2,7m 12 pcs.
Other types and sizes available on request 12 cm x 2,7m 12 pcs.
  15 cm x 2,7m 12 pcs.
  20 cm x 2,7m 12 pcs.